Custom holograms feature a unique design that is mostly used for security purposes. These security holograms are affixed to products to protect them from theft or fraud. You have likely seen custom holograms on a number of products, from pharmaceutical packaging to sports memorabilia.

The reason for their popularity is obvious – not only are they cost effective, but they are also extremely difficult to reproduce. That is because in order to replicate a custom hologram you need access to the original master hologram, as well as the costly equipment required to create the hologram. Amateur counterfeiters do not have the resources to replicate a hologram, which gives your product an added layer of security.

Security hologram labels can include many different types of designs, from your company logo, a special image, or custom text. This is why they are well-liked in the retail industry, as brands can make a custom hologram to use on their packaging. As an added bonus, this also gives the product extra shelf appeal as it easily stands out as being premium quality and original.

Custom holograms are also great for promotional items, for example, any official merchandise given for an event or branded items you may distribute for business purposes. These holograms don’t just look appealing but they also offer brand protection, so they work twofold when it comes to securing and affirming the identity of your products or documents.

If you are serious about fighting duplication fraud, you may also want to think about using holographic foil to embed security features. These holograms can be applied to various products; including tickets, vouchers, certificates, gift vouchers, cheques, ID cards, and numerous other items.