We create holograms unique to you at the best prices and fastest turnaround in Canada. If you want brand security, anti-counterfeit or just to stand out from the competition, our holograms are for you.

Protection and security

Our tamper evident labels provide visual and hidden markings to show if access has been made or attempted.

Perfect for…


Product Packaging


Confidential Documents


Membership & ID Cards


Collectibles & Memorabilia

Numbered Holograms

Numbering holograms can be done by inkjet or laser etching a unique number or code to each hologram label. We can add this feature to your label upon your request.

identification & branding

Holograms aren’t always about security, they can be used to enhance your product with amazing visual effects that will help you stand out from the competition.

Perfect for…


High End Retail Packaging


Food Packaging, Organic & Halal Lables


Sporting Goods & Novelty Items


fast Delivery

Turnaround in as low as 12 business days (after artwork approval). Talk to our team to receive a quote.


free design

Our Team will create your multi layer hologram based on your individual needs. Created using text and/or company logo(s).

best prices in canada

When shopping for holograms, no need to shop with suppliers in the US. We offer the best prices in Canada.

ready to get started?

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