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At HologramShop we create holograms unique to you at the best prices and fastest turnaround in Canada. If you want brand security, anti-counterfeit or just to stand out from the competition, our holograms are for you.

We work with a wide variety of companies including fortune 500 and government agencies. You can trust us to add the security you need. All of our holograms are custom made, so no two holograms are alike.

Hologram with Holographic Foil

100% custom hologram shape and design No stock holograms or foils used Tamper-evident, anti-counterfeit Serial numbering options PMS overlay options Simple ordering process

The Purpose of Custom Holograms

Protection & Security

Need to protect your documents, materials or products? Our tamper evident labels provide visual and hidden markings to show if access has been made or attempted.

Identification & Verification

Need to control access to restricted areas or validate membership? Adding a hologram to your ID cards and passes will allow you to quickly validate it’s authentic.

Anti-Counterfeit & Authentication

You’ve got a great product and chances are someone will try to copy it. Make it more difficult or even impossible with the use of Holograms.

Branding & Packaging

Holograms aren’t always about security, they can be used to enhance your product with amazing visual effects that will help you stand out from the competition.

No Obligation Quote

Fill in our simple form to get a quote on your hologram needs. Or if you’re new to holograms and want to speak to an expert call 905.302.9797.



Hologram Labels
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What are Custom Holograms Used For?

What are Custom Holograms Used For?

Custom holograms feature a unique design that is mostly used for security purposes. These security holograms are affixed to products to protect them from theft or fraud. You have likely seen custom holograms on a number of products, from pharmaceutical packaging to...

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Moving 3D Holograms on Bank Notes?

Moving 3D Holograms on Bank Notes?

VANCOUVER (THE STAR)—A Canadian security company is on the cutting edge of nanotechnology that could one day put 3D holograms on bank notes, making bills nearly impossible to replicate. Simon Fraser University’s 4D Labs is home to a $4.5-million electronic beam...

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