Dot-Matrix holographic labels implement unlimited computer controlled and laser beam engraved dots in a hologram. A dot-matrix hologram is the result of designs comprising many tiny hologram dots with millions of grating dots viewing angles and position are accurately generated. They create beautiful colour variable images, especially many types of kinetic movements. Our E-beam hologram processing system has much smaller dots than standard Dot-matrix systems.


Kinematic Movement
Kinetic animation effects like guilloche lines, zooming, switching, rotation, pillar light and raster effect are available to be made together with 2D/3D and 2D type holograms. 2D/3D type hologram kinematic movement creates a sequential viewing lines/images with different color separation. Dot-matrix type holographic kinematic movement effect has smooth flips. With special digital and 2D/3D hologram technologies, customized design can be incorporated onto perfect kinematic movement hologram patterns.

Flip-Flop Hologram
Multichannel switch and flip-flop effect. 2D/3D, Dot-Matrix, E-beam hologram allows display two or more images from different viewing angles. When the viewing angle changes horizontally (left to right) or vertically (upside and down), different images evolve through the hologram label. This switch effect with multichannels are overt features.

Micro Text or Image in hologram labels | Nano text
Concealed images and other covert security.
Micro text or micro image in holographic label is difficult to be seen clearly by naked eye. It’s requires a magnifier or microscope. Nano text has smaller font than micron text. Nano text has a font size of 10 micron, 25 micron, 100 micron.

Security Flash Light and Len effect
Speckle effect, random interference fringes, matt color gives good security and appearance.

Covert Laser Readable Hidden Text (CLR images) and Moire Hidden Text
Hidden text or image contains unique encrypted data, invisible to naked eye and detectable only by means of a pocket laser reader. Laser readable hidden (covert laser readable) text/image just can be seen with special laser pointer. Morie hidden is revealed by covering a piece of decode film on holographic sticker’s encoded area. Both are covert security features. High security dynamic CLR and multilevel CLR with morie covert features are available to be to incorporated together. Two kind of hidden Text(image) in hologram