The HOLOGRAMshop process

Creating a hologram label with us is easy, the best place to start is with the quote, where within minutes your info can be sent to us and we will contact you back quickly with details and pricing.

Quantity: Although we can produce any quantity the setup process is fairly complex. Our minimum order is 500 pieces but often on basic holograms 1,000 or even 2,500 pieces is only a small amount more.

Shape: standard shapes are the most convenient and quickest to produce, however we can do just about any design you can imagine.  We do suggest rounded corners over sharp edges though as it makes the stickers easier to apply.

Size: presently we can do holograms approaching 6″ x 6″

Material Type: depending on your end purpose you may want the hologram to be completely removable, or make it so that it can’t be removed without destroying it.  If you are unsure please contact us so that we can suggest an appropriate material.

Material Colour: Most hologram stickers are produced on Silver with Gold coming a distant second, however to further personalize your hologram we have many colours available.  The colour of the material won’t drastically affect your price unless you are ordering a small quantity.

Ordering: Once you’ve placed an order we will send you a proof for approval or modification. Only once you have approved the artwork will we submit your design to production.

Timing: Typically our holograms will be delivered to you within 3 weeks, we are presently running about 12 business days for most orders plus the time for your chosen shipping method.

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