Counterfeit Alcohol

With discoveries of counterfeit drinks making worldwide headlines already this year, it’s clear that fraudsters are managing to infiltrate the global FMCG market with alarming success. Many bargain-hunting consumers will be drawn to premium-branded products which come with a knock-down price tag, but they may not be aware they are putting their health at risk. […]

ID Cards made more effective with holograms

If your business, event or organization uses ID cards to identify your employees or members, holograms can enhance them a step further making them very difficult to forge and making visual verification quick and simple. Photographic ID cards are a cost-effective way to authenticate employees, but before you decide exactly how to design your ID […]

Appeal to Shoppers subconscious with hologram labels

A good product is about quite simply the product itself. Packaging can be one of your best branding tools, and the package is a lot more than just something nice to look at. In fact, attractive packaging can connect you more closely with your audience and ultimately help you to sell more products. Hologram sticker […]